Traditional Letterpress
The Original Printing Process?

The name is a long story but has stuck, my Printing is a love of the letterpress process and machinery.  I was first introduced to letterpress at secondary school and pursued a career in the industry. I obtain a great deal of satisfaction by keeping letterpress alive, by both restoring presses, and preserving typefaces and printers ornaments, these are now almost unobtainable in this country, sources worldwide are reducing as the number of suppliers diminish the era of letterpress is in decline and may disappear, only museums and private presses preserve the machinery and skills of the Letterpress Printer.
Hopefully my small collection will aid in the preservation of a craft now in danger.
 I do take on work to allow me to maintain the presses I have, (as I view static displays as just like a ruin crumbling into disrepair), only a working machine is truly preserved, the presses are run regularly to allow for oiling and cleaning,.
Please view the other pages on my site and see the History of both how modern letterpress was started, what type is and a few styles of type, the machines currently preserved, and don't miss the contact page which details how to e-mail myself, and some of the societies for hobby printers and small commercial printers.