Initials M.gifachinery

Proof1Thompson1.gifMachinery preserved at Snowdragon is always subject to change but basic equipment is, on the left a Stephenson and Blake galley proof press, used for posters and can be used to produce multi colour prints in one pass with the use of a small hand roller to ink the type. Above right is the main machine for production a Thompson Autoplaten a clamshell press with a print area of up to 10x15". A Ludlow Castor below right was aquired and has proven useful for setting small jobs for hot foil work though body text setting is much simplified and restrictions on the quantity of type in a fount is no longer a problem with large jobs.Ludlow.gif The hand press below centre (an Adana 8x5) is a good machine for short run work very popular with hobby printers. The machine bottom left is a saddle stitcher though stitcher1can be used for booklets of tickets like a stapler.

adana 8x5.gif

For another page showing some of the machinery I have been involved in the rescue and restoration of click here Restored